Holiday Lighting - Boucher Lighting
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Holiday Lighting

Let Boucher design and install your holiday decorations this year and years to come with our experienced holiday teams! You tell us what you want to see and we make it happen from A to Z. Eliminate the hassle of removing, storing, and maintaining multiple decorations with our easy install plan.

Don’t fret about timing your free weekend or rushing up to the roof before the family gets in town. Schedule your put up and take down dates with us and you can check one more thing off of your busy season list!

We specialize in the following types of lighting:

Backyard Lighting
Entrance Lighting
Walkway Lights
Garden Landscape Lighting
Pool Lighting
Business Landscape Lighting
Game Court and Athletic Field Lighting
Commercial Safety Lighting (for loading zones, parking lots, etc.)
And many more!

Outdoor LED lights not only use up to 75% less power than conventional lights, they also last 20 times longer. In fact, they have an average lifespan of over 40,000 hours. If you have an existing outdoor lighting system and want to take advantage of the more efficient LED systems, contact us to convert your current system to use LED lights.

Designing an exterior light system begins by meeting with a Neave Lighting consultant for a site analysis. This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your property and discuss lighting options that will meet your specific needs. One lighting arrangement won’t necessarily work for another, so we custom design and install all of our lighting arrangements. Our customized solutions ensure that you have functional and attractive lighting suited to your particular space.

Lighting systems can be controlled manually or automatically. Our professional installation team can wire your lighting system exactly the way you want it, giving you full control over the use of your lights. Ask about our other energy efficient products during your consultation or lighting installation. We provide homeowners and business owners with a wide variety of products to minimize the use of energy and save money on electric bills.

Contact Neave Lighting today to get started on your lighting scheme design. We’ll work with you to create a well-lit, functional and beautiful outdoor space. Brighten your home and put a spotlight on the investments that you’re so proud of with a personalized landscape lighting system from Neave Lighting!