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Whether you have a complete vision for your lighting project or are looking for inspiration these tips will set you on the right course for a successful design: Professional Lighting Tips: Focus On What You Love Most About Your Home Every home is unique. Whether it is by architectural or landscape features or simple personal touches, there is something special to all of us about our home. Take time to identify the aspects of your home that you want to highlight in the evening. With many product options, there is no application that we can't light. Give Attention To Your Entrance The entrance to your home includes your front door, the walkway leading you there, and the entry landing. As a rule, we focus on lighting the entrance as a priority then we move on to other areas. Guests are comforted by a welcoming entry and unwanted visitors are intimidated by the lighted area. Allow Contrast — Avoid Dark Spots While lighting the entrance and the best features of the home is important, you shouldn't stop there. Leaving large dark spots on your home or in your landscape is not desirable. It is okay to avoid lighting certain subjects but make sure it does not create a "black hole". Dark areas left alone creates a subconscious suspicion and will leave you dissatisfied with your project. Incorporate Dimensional Lighting Incorporating dimensional lighting is important to a successful lighting project. We advise avoiding a flat visual experience of your home or business. In order to avoid this, you can add path lights to the driveway or walkway to create an extra visual layer. Also, adding accent lights to the large trees or downlighting in the soffits of the structure can create character that will set you apart from the rest of your neighborhood. Know Where To Stop Yes, there is a point where you can light up too much. Knowing where to stop is a unique part of the design process. Most homeowners and contractors will install too much or not enough light to balance the home. Too much light yields an obnoxious "billboard" effect, whilst too little light misses the target of your property design and may look dull.
Your first step to a beautiful evening home is a professional lighting design. Our team is trained to discover what is important to you about your landscape and home. Whether you have an exact vision of what your home will look like or you need some inspiration, Boucher will create a plan that is custom to you. Our vast selection of fixtures gives you endless options for your design. We will stop at nothing to make your vision a reality.
Boucher is committed to providing you with a system that lasts. We represent products that have been tested and proven to withstand the conditions they are placed. We follow the industries strictest installation procedures promoting a long life for your system. We follow up with every install, from design to the technical aspects of your system to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Our optional Extended Maintenance Program gives extra peace of mind that your system will impress long after installation.
A good lighting design doesn't happen by accident. Creating a beautiful lightscape takes experience. Every design by Boucher involves a series of technical and informed forethought to bring a design to life. We work closely with manufacturer creative teams to ensure your system's design is remarkable.

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Professionally designed lighting uncovers the beauty of your home’s gardens and architecture. Our priority is to create a warm, friendly environment for your family and guests. When the sun goes down, the beauty of your home shouldn’t vanish with the dusk.

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Thoughtful and creative lighting techniques extract the daytime beauty of gardens and architecture making your home come alive throughout the night. Our mission is to provide a quality product for any budget. We can create a simple solution for the humble townhouse or an extravagant design for the elegant manor.

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Ben and his team did a wonderful job installing my system. Ben has been available to me whenever I’ve had questions and is extremely responsive. If you’re looking for landscape lighting, contact Ben. You won’t be sorry. He made great suggestions within my budget and I couldn’t be happier with the final product. Steve Bitar, Customer
Ben and his team did a tremendous job in the heat of the summer and around our business schedule. My wife and I love the pavers and fire pit additions to our property. Everyone who sees his work, comments on how beautiful it is. We are very pleased with the job and would definitely recommend Boucher Architecture & Landscape Lighting. Dale, Customer

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